Hi, I'm Amanda!

- Here's a little about me. -

As a makeup artist and skincare expert, my top priority is to help you feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable in your own skin. My passion for empowering and educating women began in 2005, after a less-than-impressive experience having my own makeup professionally done. It was then that I realized makeup would be more than colors and palettes in my life. 

Over the next several years, my passion only grew. I was juggling my corporate career, family, parenting, and makeup. During the evenings and weekends, I devoted my time to beauty clients. I partnered with a local photographer and honed in on camera-ready makeup. I was learning a lot, but I still wanted more. In 2020, I knew it was time. I took a leap of faith and decided to leave my corporate job to solely focus on Makeup by Amanda Bishop. As of today, I am proud to say that my business has not only expanded throughout the mid-south but has also reached several corners of the world. My team of assistants is growing, and I could not be more thankful for how everything continues to evolve. The support of my family helps me stay focused and driven. I’ve worked hard to show my son that anything is possible and to create a world where he hears “yes” more often than “no”.

My family is everything, and their love has made this dream a reality.  I’ve learned a lot about makeup over the years, but one thing always seems to remain true-- makeup isn’t just pigment to be applied; it’s a tool that helps us tell our story.  The products I use are free of chemicals and toxins, so your skin and beauty will remain protected along the way. Always remember, my goal is to help you feel like your best self. I hope you are as excited as I am to work together! 

 -       Amanda